MAVProxy can be extended with modules. These run in parallel threads to the main MAVProxy program in order to maintain overall stability.

Modules can include such things as GUI elements and diagnostic and monitoring applications.

Module Management

Modules need to be loaded before they can be used. The following command can be used:

module load modulename

Other management commands for unloading, reloading and listing currently loaded modules include:

module unload modulename
module reload modulename
module list

Default Modules

MAVProxy starts with several modules by default. They are:

adsb: ADS-B data support
arm: arm/disarm handling
auxopt: auxopt command handling
battery: battery commands
calibration: calibration handling
chat: chat
cmdlong: cmdlong handling
fence: geo-fence management
ftp: ftp handling
graph: graph control
layout: window layout handling
link: link control
log: log transfer
misc: misc commands
mode: mode handling
output: MAVLink output control
param: parameter handling
rally: rally point control
rc: rc command handling
relay: relay handling
signing: signing control
terrain: terrain handling
tuneopt: tuneopt command handling
wp: waypoint handling

List of Modules