Commercial Support and Tools


The following is a list of individuals and companies that can provide commercial (i.e. paid) support for ArduPilot including vehicle design, tuning, log analysis, bug fixes and enhancements.


This is for commercial support. For unpaid support by volunteers please visit the forums

Provider Description

Jaime Machuca,, tel:+52 33 3805 4627

Vehicle Design/Integration, Vehicle Setup
Trouble Shooting and support (log review, vehicle support)
Customization of ArduPilot code, Companion Computer setup

Philip Rowse,

Philip has years of experience designing autopilot hardware
including the Pixhawk2 which is used in the 3DR Solo.
Autopilot Hardware design, Accessory customization, Mechanical
consulting, Systems engineering, Intricate knowledge of Pixhawk


Leonard is responsible for ArduPilot’s multicopter attitude,
navigation and motor control libraries and developed AutoTune.
Multirotor Tuning,Airframe design and performance optimisation
Navigation and attitude controller features,Flight mode design


provides bespoke software development needs for ArduPilot and
other UAV ecosystems including emerging IoT and wearables tech
Ground Control Station development (Qt, iPhone/iPad/iOS, Android)
Autopilot Firmware Development & Technical Support

Laser Navigation SRL,

Customization of Nuttx OS, ArduPilot and Mission Planner
New vehicle design, integration, setup and support
Troubleshooting and support (log review, vehicle support)
Custom design of advanced Companion Computer, ROS integration

RFDesign Pty Ltd,, +61 (0)7 3272 8769

Designers and Manufacturers of long range telemetry solutions
(RFD900), Antenna design and placement for UAV platforms, System
integration of sensors, Custom circuit and PCB design, Prototypes
manufacturing support for Prototype and Volume production

Marco Robustini,, +393381060074

ArduCopter lead tester, Autopilot/Airframe/Electronics design,
Manufacturing, Troubleshooting and support, Navigation and
Attitude controller features, Systems engineering/consulting
Mechanical engineering/consulting, Training and testing services

David Buzz Bussenschutt,

Consultation Services, Customizations of ArduPilot code
Microcontroller Development including Pixhawk (ARM Cortex),
RFD900/SiK (8051), esp8266 wifi, Web Software Development
Ground Control Station development, Vehicle Design.

Bill Bonney, Patrick Krekelberg,

More than just consulting, offers complete end-to-end solutions
Autopilot/Airframe/Electronics design and manufacturing,
Mechanical engineering/consulting, Systems engineering/consulting
Software engineering for autopilots, Application dev


ArduPilot lead developer. Can help your business make the most of
ArduPilot. From feature development to log analysis and Tuning.
Andrew has the experience and expertise in all areas of ArduPilot
Experienced with international clients large and small

ArduPilot Initiative,

ArduPilot Initiative provides tailored services to professional
and commercial users of ArduPilot. Services include log analysis,
new features, integrating sensors/payloads, developing hardware
and tuning assitance


Consultation Services, Customizations of ArduPilot code, Airframe
Custom electronics and mechanical design and manufacturing,
Plane Setup, Training and testing, Groundstation systems design
Groundstation systems design and manufacturing

Francisco Ferreira,

Leveraging the experience as ArduPilot's code reviewer, Francisco
provides consulting services, especially focused on custom firmware
development and support.

United States

Largest manufacturer of professional ArduPilot ground vehicles.
Provides commercial integration services, development and support.

UAV-DEV GmbH, Mirko Denecke,

ArduPilot integration, setup, support and troubleshooting.
Customizations of ArduPilot code, ArduPilot ROS integration.

ELECTRIC KITE, Brandon MacDougall,

3D organic designer/modeller, simulation for the ArduPilot community.
Airframe building, testing and consulting, troubleshooting.
KH Unmanned

KH Unmanned, Matthew Kear and Peter Hall,

Consulting services include: ArduPilot code development (C++, Lua)
specialising in vehicle dynamics. Vehicle setup support and log
analysis. For UK-based clients we offer a tuning service.
Mechanical analysis (FEA). Aerodynamic analysis (CFD).
Event 38 Unmanned Systems

Event38 Unmanned Systems,

Consulting services include but are not limited to:
Customizations of any part of ArduPilot code
Airframe design and manufacturing
Systems integration
Aircraft Tuning
Companion Computers and offboard navigation

FOSS UAV Ltd, Andy Piper,

Consulting services include: ArduPilot code development (C++, Lua)
Vehicle setup support and log analysis.
For UK-based clients we offer an in-person tuning service.
Remote tuning for non-UK-based clients is also available.
Specializing in driver development, ChibiOS, small/fast copter tuning, filtering.
Please visit my channel on YouTube Channel

Andras Schaffer,

Consulting services include: Mission Planner code development
Ardupilot extensions, LUA script development, device integration.
Counter UAV systems consulting and testing
Specializing in Mission Planner extensions and system integration.


ArduPilot software development (C++, Lua) and training
We solve real world problems using ArduPilot primarily for customers in Japan
CTO: Randy Mackay (ArduPilot Copter, Rover and Boat lead)
Controlled Ascent

George Zogopoulos, Controlled Ascent,

ArduPilot software development (C++, Lua), simulation, log analysis, tuning.
Additionally, compliance services for the EU regulations are provided
(SORA framework).

How to get added to this list

If you or your company wants to be listed here please email To be added to this page we request the applicant has made a contribution to ArduPilot or a related project in some way. This includes code, documentation or helping people on the forums. The intention with this policy is to ensure that companies listed here will be active participants in the community.

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