Graphing Live Data

module load graph

A module to plot (graph) data in realtime from the UAV. It is useful for looking for time-varying patterns in the data

After loading, new plots can be created by:

graph dataname

Multiple items can be added at once. Use the :2 to specify using the right vertical axis.

graph VFR_HUD.alt VFR_HUD.airspeed:2

Arbitrary mathematical functions can also be used.

graph "(VFR_HUD.alt/1000.0)+5"

Additionally, the timespan and tick resolution of the graph window can be changed. Use graph timespan X to change the timespace to X seconds and graph tickresolution Y to change the tick resolution to Y seconds.


There are two global settings for graphs: timespan and tickresolution.

To set the timespan along the horizontal axis (in seconds):

graph timespan 20

To set the tickresolution along the horizontal axis (1/<number of ticks>):

graph timespan 0.2