Joystick Input

module load joystick

The joystick module passes control signals (roll/pitch/yaw/throttle) from a joystick (or similar) as RC commands to the APM. Thus it can be used for control of a UAV without an RC transmitter.

When the module is loaded and if there is a compatible joystick detected, control signals will start automatically be passed through. Depending on the joystick type, up to 8 channels will be passed through. Use joystick status to view which channels are being passed through.

The following joysticks and RC transmitter dongles are compatible:

The following commands are available with the module:

joystick probe
joystick status

The first command will re-detect any joysticks in the system, whilst the second command will give the status of the currently loaded joystick.

New joysticks can added by following the instructions here