Joystick Input

module load joystick

The joystick module passes control signals (roll/pitch/yaw/throttle) from a joystick (or similar) as RC commands to the APM. Thus it can be used for control of a UAV without an RC transmitter.

When the module is loaded and if there is a compatible joystick detected, control signals will start automatically be passed through. Depending on the joystick type, up to 8 channels will be passed through. Use joystick status to view which channels are being passed through.

The following joysticks and RC transmitter dongles are compatible:

The following commands are available with the module:

joystick probe
joystick status

The first command will re-detect any joysticks in the system, whilst the second command will give the status of the currently loaded joystick.

New joysticks can added by following the instructions here


This module will not work in WSL/WSL2 until USB devices are supported.