Moving Map

module load map

A moving map display that shows the UAV’s current position, waypoints and geofence.

Maps are automatically downloaded and cached to the user’s hard drive. The module will use these files if an internet connection is not found.

To display the waypoints and geofence, the wp list and fence list commands can be used.

Waypoint editing is allowing by right-clicking to select waypoint and then right clicking to move it to that point.

To draw a set of waypoints, use the wp draw command. Right click on the map for the desired waypoints. When finished, use the wp loop to connect the last waypoint to the first one, creating a loop.

Use the “g” key to specify a position to move the map to.

../../_images/map.png ../../_images/map_win.png

The map has the following settings, which via be set via map set.

Setting Description Default
showgpspos Show position according to GPS1 0
showgps2pos Show position according to GPS2 1
showsimpos If running in SITL, show the simulated position 0
showahrs2pos Show AHRS2 position solution 0
showahrs3pos Show AHRS2 position solution 0
brightness Set map brightness 1
rallycircle Show loiter circles around rally points False
loitercircle Show loiter circles around loiter waypoints False
showdirection Enable arrow to show mission direction False