Gas Helicopter Management

module load gasheli

The gesheli module provides handling for the starting and stopping of gas heli engines that have ignition and starter motor control.

It requires the ignition control on a RC channel and the starter motor on a RC channel.


gasheli start

Begin the start sequence. The starter motor will engage, then the ignition will switch on after ignition_disable_time sec.

The starter motor will stop after starter_time sec.

gasheli stop

Stop the engine. It does this by pulling the ignition channel low. After ignition_stop_time sec it hands back control to the RC transmitter.


The configurable settings for this module can be controlled by:

gasheli set <setting> <value>

The settings are:

Setting Description Default
ignition_chan Ignition RC Channel 0
ignition_disable_time How long to wait after starter motor 0.5
ignition_stop_time How long to have ignition override off 3
starter_chan Starter RC Channel 0
starter_time How long to leave starter on 3
starter_pwm_on Starter PWM level when on 2000
starter_pwm_off Starter PWM level when off 1000