module load vicon
vicon set
vicon start

This module connects to a Vicon motion tracking system and sends position data to the UAV. For more information on how to integrate the Vicon system with ArduPilot, see here.

The module has the following settings, which via be set via vicon set.

Setting Description Default
host IP Address or hostname of Vicon server vicon
origin_lat Latitude of the Vicon world frame. -35.363261 (Canberra Model Aero Club Runway)
origin_lon Longitude of Vicon world frame 149.165230
origin_alt Altitude of Vicon world frame 584.0 m
vision_rate Rate to send VISION_ESTIMATE messages 14 Hz
vel_filter_hz Velocity Filter cutoff frequency 30 Hz
gps_rate Rate to send GPS_INPUT messages 5 Hz
gps_nsats Number of satellites to report in the simulated GPS message 5
object_name Name of the object you want to track in the Vicon Tracker software None

By default, the module will auto-detect the first object that is found by the Vicon system. If you have other objects in the space that you don’t want to be detected, you can set the object_name parameter.