Antenna Tracker

module load tracker

This is an improved antenna tracker, where the APM is mounted on an antenna tracker (with a GPS module) which in turn is connected to the ground station. Using the positions of the APM on the UAV and the APM on the antenna, this module will send commands to the antenna APM to alter its azimuth/elevation (via servos on the APM) to maintain tracking with the UAV.

Use tracker set port <portname.` and tracker set baudrate <n>` to set the serial port and baudrate of the tracker.

Use tracker arm and tracker disarm to arm and disarm the servos on the tracker respectively.

tracker level will perform the level calibration routine and tracker calpress will calibrate the barometer, so that air pressure corrections can be sent back to the UAV (for a more accurate altitude estimation).

tracker start will start the tracking.

There are several parameters for the tracker, to specify the serial port that the antenna tracker APM is on. Use tracker param [set|show|fetch|help] to manage the parameters. There are three parameters - port, baud and debug.