Gimbal Management

module load gimbal

The gimbal module manages any gimbals attached to the autopilot via the RC output ports.

A gimbal menu is available on the GUI console.

gimbal mode

Changes the mode of the gimbal to 1 of 3 options:

  • GPS - point to a particular longitude/latitude

  • MAVLINK - manual control via MAVLink commands

  • RC - manual control via RC channels

gimbal mode GPS

gimbal rate ROLL PITCH YAW

Specify the maximum rotational rates (degrees/sec) that the gimbal is limited to. Different rates can be used for different axes.

gimbal rate 20 40 13

gimbal point ROLL PITCH YAW

When in MAVLink mode, tell the gimbal to point in a certain direction. Angles are in degrees.

gimbal point 0 85 45

gimbal roi

When in GPS mode, tell the gimbal to point to a certain location. The location is picked by clicking on the map.

gimbal roi

gimbal roivel

Similar to gimbal roi, but the user is able to specify the maximum velocity and acceleration of the gimbal.


gimbal status

Output the current status of the gimbal.

gimbal status