Relay Management

module load relay

Control the operation of the output servos.

Note this should only be used for the non-flight-control servos. An example of usage would be camera shutter controls. Use servo set [SERVO_NUM] [PWM] to set an output servo to a particular PWM value. Use servo repeat [SERVO_NUM] [PWM] [COUNT] [PERIOD] to make the servo repeat between its current and specified PWM values.

If relay controls are available, the relay set [RELAY_NUM] [0|1] to set a particular relay to 0 or 1. Similar to the servos, use relay repeat [RELAY_NUM] [COUNT] [PERIOD] to setup a repeating relay.

For running motor tests (useful for multicopters), the motortest command can be used:

motortest motornum type value timeout count

Where the motor number motornum with type 0 (percent), 1 (PWM) or 2 (RC passthrough) and value depending on the type selection.

Timeout is the number of seconds the test should run for.

Count is an optional parameter specifying how many times the test should run for.