Autopilot Hardware Options

This section provides information about ArduPilot Autopilot Hardware options. The list below is sorted by manufacturer and product name.

Firmware Limitations

Some boards have features removed in order to fit the firmware into their memory capacity. See the section below:

Discontinued boards

The following boards are no longer produced, however documentation is still available in the wiki or online, and recent builds are still expected to work. These boards are not recommended for new projects.

The following boards are no longer supported. The documentation is archived, but available if you’re still working on those platforms:

APM 2.x (APM 2.6 and later) are no longer supported for Copter, Plane or Rover. The last firmware builds that fit on this board are Copter 3.2.1, and Plane 3.4.0, and Rover 2.5.1. NAVIO+ PX4FMU Qualcomm Snapdragon Flight Kit


Schematics for some of the “Open hardware” autopilots can be found here