Parrot Bebop Autopilot

The Parrot Bebop2 is a Wifi controlled quadrotor UAV that uses a Linux autopilot which can run ArduPilot firmware. Instructions for converting a Bebop to run ardupilot are here. We recommend the Bebop2 over the original Bebop because of its much improved GPS.


Copter support was added in Copter-3.3.



  • Processor
    • Parrot P7 dual-core CPU Cortex 9 with quad core GPU
    • 8GB flash
  • Sensors
    • MPU6050 for accelerometers and gyroscope (I2C)
    • AKM 8963 compass
    • MS5607 barometer
    • Furuno GN-87F GPS
    • Sonar
    • Optical-flow
    • HD camera
  • Interfaces
    • 1x UART serial ports
    • USB
    • Built-in Wifi
  • Dimensions
    • 33x38x3.6cm (with hull)
    • 400g (with hull)
  • OS
    • Linux (Busybox)


Some of this information was taken from the Paparazzi UAV wiki page on the Bebop.

Video of Bebop flying Copter-3.3

Firmware upload process