Battery Monitors (aka Power Monitors/Modules)


The links below have information about the most commonly used power monitors/modules

Up to 10 batteries/power monitors can be monitored. Each monitor has its own group of configuration parameters, designated by BATTx_ with x denoting each monitor in the system (first monitor “x” is null character, ie BATT_ prefix). In addition, a BATT_MONITOR “type” = SUM is available, that consolidates all following (higher numbered) battery monitors into a single report.

I2C Power Monitor

Power Monitoring Via Telemetry Equipped BLHeli32/S ESCs

Liquid Fuel Monitors

Power Monitors/Modules provide these benefits:

  • Most provide a stable power supply to the autopilot, in addition to monitoring, and therefore reduces the chance of a brown-out

  • Allows real-time monitoring of the battery’s voltage and current and triggering a low battery failsafe

  • Allows compensating for the interference on the compass from the motors using the COMPASS_MOT_x and COMPASS_PMOT_x parameters, see Advanced Compass Setup.