Telemetry (landing page)

Copter/Plane/Rover/Blimp support sharing information with a ground station (or transmitter) using telemetry. Follow the links below for configuration information based upon your set-up.


Some RC systems incorporate telemetry in addition to RC control


most pure telemetry radios connect to the autopilot via a serial UART using MAVLink 1 or 2 protocol. See Telemetry / Serial Port Setup


ArduPilot will automatically fall back to MAVLink1 if MAVLink 2 serial port protocol is selected and no MAVLink 2 data is received from the groundstation in response in fimware versions before 4.2, but not after



High value systems using RC control over a telemetry link should consider Redundant Telemetry Links

Short Range (<10KM)

Long Range

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