Training Centers


Victorian UAS Training



  • Location: Ballarat, Victoria

  • Language: English

  • Description: Government-Approved training center that can train you on flying with ArduPilot. This center provides training for commercial use in compliance with government regulations. Full CASA/3DR certified Training, AOC for commercial use of Fixed wing and Rotary wing.

  • Contact: or email:


Drone Japan

  • Location: Tokyo, Japan

  • Languages: Japanese, English

  • Description: ArduPilot operation and software development training including writing new flight modes, attitude control and sensor drivers.

  • Schedule: One or two days training per month for four months. Custom training including intensive courses available on request.

  • Contact:


Drones Center France

  • Location: 30min from Paris, France

  • Languages: French, English

  • Description: Operational training for all types of aircraft from experienced pilots.

  • Schedule: One-on-one or group training to fit your schedule.

  • Contact:


LeTourneau University (LETU)

  • Location: Longview, TX, USA

  • Language: English

  • Description: four courses:
    • Intro to RPAS (history, applications, and regulations leading to the FAA part 107 certificate), Lab: build and fly RC airplane, program and drive APM:Rover

    • RPAS Operations (system architecture, control theory, and operational considerations), Lab: flight training with APM:Copter and APM:Plane

    • Flight Control Systems (systems engineering: discussion of robotic flight control and payload integration, MavLink UDP), Lab: ArduPilot test and integration into new airframes; advanced payload integration

    • Operations in the National Airspace System (real-world application of prior courses; data management/processing/analysis, geotagging, etc), Lab: use of ArduPilot vehicles used in prior courses to pursue data collection projects that benefit the community

  • Courses here

South Korea


  • Location: Sangju-si or Incheon, South Korea

  • Languages: Korean, English

  • Description: Supplies education programs about making and operating drones using ArduPilot and Pixhawk.

  • Schedule: One-on-one or group training to fit your schedule.

  • Contact:



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