UAVCAN Adapter Node

These allow existing ArduPilot supported peripheral to be adapted to the CAN bus as UAVCAN devices.


They utilize the AP_Periph library to remotely locate existing ArduPilot drivers onto an STMF103 or STMF303 based device, translating UART,SPI, I2C, or GPIO-based peripheral devices supported by ArduPilot into UAVCAN devices on the CAN bus.

GPS adapted to UAVCAN


This provides an easy method to develop integrated UAVCAN peripherals which can be used with ArduPilot or other UAVCAN systems.


Firmware is provided in the AP_Periph folder for several UAVCAN devices based on this concept including versions for a typical UAVCAN Adapter Node itself, manufactured by mRobotics.


The f103-GPS firmware enables its UART interface for GPS and provides I2C compass interface detection. The f103-ADSB firmware enables its UART for ADS-B Receiver attachment instead of GPS. The f103-RangeFinder firmware enables its UART for connection to a Rangefinder.