Camera Triggering using Seagull REC


Seagull REC provides everything needed to connect a Pixhawk to a supported Sony MultiPort™ equipped camera in order to automate camera shutter triggering. The current list of compatible cameras can be found here

The board supports three shutter trigger modes:

  • AF-T (“AutoFocus-Trigger”, with 1 second pre-focus followed by trigger)

  • IS-T (“Instant-Trigger”, instant trigger as soon as camera locks focus)

  • Manual (“Three stage trigger control”, neutral-focus-trigger)

Seagull REC also supports “Video RECORD”, “ZOOM”, “Timelapse Triggering” and “Camera ON/OFF”.

More detailed instructions on how to setup REC are provided in the Seagull REC Manual as well as REC Support page.

TIP: The REC is only compatible with “Sony MULTI” cameras