Volz Servos


Volz servos are high-end servos which can be controlled with a normal PWM signal or using a custom RS-422 serial protocol. This page describes the setup when using the serial protocol


This wiki page is a work-in-progress and has not been verified to be correct

Where To Buy

  • Various online retailers sell these servos or you can contact Volz directly. Check the datasheet of the servo to confirm it has the RS-422 serial interface

Connection and Configuration


image courtesy of the Volz DA-26 servo datasheet

  • Use a BEC to provide power to the servo as shown above

  • Connect the servo’s TTL pin to a 5V-to-3V level shifter and then to one of the autopilot’s serial port’s TX pins. The diagram above shows the servo connected to a Pixhawk’s Serial4 port but other serial ports can also be used

  • Set SERIAL4_PROTOCOL = 14 (Volz) assuming Serial4 is being used