Avionics Anonymous GNSS/Mag

The Avionics Anonymous GNSS/Mag is a high-performance combination GPS and magnetometer for small unmanned vehicles. It includes a uBlox SAM-M8Q integrated multi-constellation GNSS unit and a high-quality Memsic MMC5983MA magnetometer enabling better than 1-degree heading accuracy. The device interfaces to your autopilot via a robust DroneCAN interface, which provides high reliability connections to peripherals over greater distances than I2C.


Avionics Anonymous GNSS/Mag

The following parameters should be set on the autopilot (and then reboot the autopilot):

If the device does not work please follow the instructions on enabling the CANBUS in the CAN Bus Setup page, followed by DroneCAN Setup steps and then set the GPS1_TYPE or GPS2_TYPE parameter to 9.

The manufacturer’s product page is here for general information about the device.