MATLAB SimulationΒΆ

MATLAB can be connected directly to ArduPilot using the JSON SITL interface. A connection function is provided along with a copter example. The connection function deals with the UDP communications with ArduPilot. The copter example also contains a function to deal with the 6 dof dynamics of the system using the ArduPilot reference frames and conventions. This allows new vehicle types to only output a calculated force and moment given the vehicles state and PWM inputs. The example code is thoroughly commented and can be found in the main repository.

In order to connect MATLAB run the standard SITL command followed with -f JSON: where, if necessary, is replaced by the IP of the machine where MATLAB is running. There is no requirement for MATLAB and SITL to be on the same system, however firewall exceptions may need to be added for both. Both MATLAB and SITL can be stopped and restarted and the other should re-connect. Break-points will work as normal.