Using SCRIMMAGE as a SITL simulator

Simulating Collaborative Robots in Massive Mulit-Agent Game Execution (SCRIMMAGE) provides a flexible simulation environment for the experimentation and testing of novel mobile robotics algorithms. SCRIMMAGE provides a three-dimensional robotics environment that can simulate varying levels of sensor and motion model fidelity due to its flexible plugin interface. This allows a robotics researcher to simulate hundreds of aircraft with low-fidelity motion models or tens of aircraft with high-fidelity motion models on a standard consumer laptop.

Installing SCRIMMAGE

To install SRIMMAGE for use in ArduPilot follow the build instructions in the SCRIMMAGE README on Github.

Starting an ArduPlane Simulation

To start an ArduPlane simulation use the -f argument in

cd ArduPlane
../Tools/autotest/ -f scrimmage-plane

Starting an ArduCopter Simulation

To start an ArduCopter simulation use the -f argument in

cd ArduCopter
../Tools/autotest/ -f scrimmage-copter

Additional SCRIMMAGE Parameters

Additional parameters can be passed into SCRIMMAGE using the -A and --config arguments. These parameters can be used to overwrite the defaults in the SCRIMMAGE mission file such as the motion model, visual model, or terrain.

cd ArduPlane
../Tools/autotest/ -f scrimmage-plane -A "--config visual_model=zephyr-red,motion_model=FixedWing6DOF"

Valid ArduPlane motion models include FixedWing6DOF and JSBSimControl. Valid visual models are zephyr-blue, zephyr-red, and zephyr-green. Currently the only valid copter motion model is Multirotor and the iris visual model. Additional visual and terrain models can be installed using the scrimmage apt repository added during installation.

sudo apt install scrimmage-extra-visual-models
sudo apt install scrimmage-extra-terrain