GSoC - Google Summer of CodeΒΆ

ArduPilot participates in the Google Summer of Code program each year. Encouraging students and others to contribute to the ArduPilot code base.

The development team includes experienced mentors who will help students make great contributions to ArduPilot.

To help you get started:

  • The timeline for GSoC 2024 is here

  • The suggested projects list is updated before GSoC begins each year. This is a list of our ideas of what would be good to work on but we are open to other suggestions you make in your application.

  • The #GSOC channel in the ArduPilot Discord server is a place to ask questions about our GSOC program, submit ideas for projects, etc. Mentors will respond to your posts in this GSoC channel.

  • The ArduPilot WIKI and, specifically, the ArduPilot Developers WIKI are good sources of information on ArduPilot and how to contribute to its code.

Please note that there are likely to be more students applying than we will have places allocated by Google, so make sure you make your application a good one. We are looking for:

  • Enthusiasm for your chosen project

  • Experience with the tools you will need to complete the project (eg. demonstrated ability in the relevant programming language or environment)

  • Details of past open-source projects you have contributed to

  • Information on how you would approach the project, what time you can put into it and what you think you can achieve over the GSoC period

Please feel free to post your ideas, or if you have more general questions, contact the mentors on our GSoC Discord channel referenced above.