Using the CRRCSim simulator

You can optionally use the CRRCSim flight simulator with ArduPilot SITL. The main advantages of using CRRCSim is that it offers a lot more fixed wing models, and also offers a helicopter simulator.

Installing CRRCSim

The CRRCSim simulator has been modified for use by ArduPilot SITL. To install it on Linux you need to do the following:

Add dependencies

sudo apt-get install plib1.8.4-dev libjpeg-dev libsdl2-dev
sudo apt-get install libportaudio-dev libcgal-dev #optional for audio/thermal support

To download code and build

git clone git://
cd crrcsim-ardupilot
sudo make install

That will install crrcsim in /usr/local/bin. You may find you are missing some packages needed for CRRCSim at the configure stage.

Running SITL with CRRCSim

One crrcsim is installed you can launch it by running:

crrcsim -i APM

that starts CRRCSim with the APM protocol interface. You can then press ESCAPE to bring up the menu and choose an aircraft to simulate. Many of the aircraft will work with SITL, but for ones without motors (the gliders) you will need to choose a launch location on a slope.

For fixed wing testing it is recommended you start with the “Sport” aircraft. That simulates a small nitro sport aircraft.

For helicopter testing choose the “Heli-APM” model.

After you have launched CRRCSim you need to start SITL. For fixed wing testing use the “-f CRRCSim” option to

cd ArduPlane -f CRRCSim --console --map

Simulating a helicopter

For helicopter testing with CRRCSim use “-f CRRCSim-heli”

cd ArduCopter -f CRRCSim-heli --console --map

The helicopter will have the RSC speed on channel 8.