Troubleshooting Pixhawk BootΒΆ

This article explains how to check if the Pixhawk has booted properly.

The following tests can help you determine if boot has failed, and possible causes:

  • Check the Pixhawk LEDs and Sounds as these can immediately confirm a successful boot. If boot fails, these can broadly indicate the point of failure.

  • Check that the board has appropriate ArduPilot firmware installed.

  • Ensure the memory card is fully inserted into the Pixhawk/controller card socket.

  • Check the boot log:

    1. Remove the SD card from from the board and insert into your regular computer

    2. open the APM/boot.log file and check that it contains the following lines

      Starting APM sensors
      Trying PX4IO board
      PX4IO board OK
      Starting ArduPilot
      rc.APM finished
    3. If the file does not exist or the contents are different from above then reinstall the Copter/Plane/Rover firmware.