LEDs Meaning

This topic explains how to interpret the colours and flash sequence of the main and/or external LED(s), if the NTF_LED_OVERRIDE parameter is set to its standard default setting. Some of the LED patterns have associated sound/tone patterns as listed in Sounds (Pixhawk).

Video Overview

LED Meanings

Flashing red and blue: Initializing gyroscopes. Hold the vehicle still and level while it initializes the sensors.

Flashing blue: Disarmed, no GPS lock found. Autopilot, loiter and return-to-launch modes require GPS lock.

Solid blue: Armed with no GPS lock

Flashing green: Disarmed (ready to arm), GPS lock acquired. Quick double tone when disarming from the armed state.

Fast Flashing green: Same as above but GPS is using SBAS (so should have better position estimate).

Solid green - with single long tone at time of arming: Armed, GPS lock acquired. Ready to fly!

Double flashing yellow: Failing pre-arm checks (system refuses to arm).

Single Flashing yellow: Radio failsafe activated

Flashing yellow - with quick beeping tone: Battery failsafe activated

Flashing yellow and blue - with high-high-high-low tone sequence (dah-dah-dah-doh): GPS glitch or GPS failsafe activated

Flashing red and yellow - with rising tone: EKF or Inertial Nav failure

Flashing purple and yellow: Barometer glitch

Solid Red: Error

Solid Red with SOS tone sequence : SD Card missing (or other SD error like bad format etc.)

Flashing Red, Blue and Green: Copter ESC Calibration mode entered. See Electronic Speed Controller (ESC) Calibration