Archived Topic: Building for Erle-Brain


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These instructions explain how to build ArduPilot on the Erle-Brain board.


Alternatively you can follow Erle-Robotics’s documentation on how to build from source.

Connection and setup

Connect to Erle-Brain using microUSB:

sudo ifconfig eth6
ssh root@


Check the interface Erle-Brain creates using ifconfig command.

Give Erle-Brain Internet access connecting Ethernet wire into RJ45 connector and configure the interface:

$ sudo ifconfig eth0 up
$ sudo dhclient eth0
#Check if Erle BRain has Internet access
$ ping
# press |ctrl| |c| to exit

Clone the source:

git clone --recurse-submodules
cd ardupilot


Build for Copter:

cd /home/pi/ardupilot/ArduCopter
make pxf -j4

This will build the firmware for a quadcopter. If you wish to build for another frame type (such as hexacopter) append “-hexa” onto the end of the make command (i.e. make -j4 pxf-hexa). The full list of available frames can be found in the file.


If building for Plane, Rover or Antenna Tracker replace the above “ArduCopter” with “ArduPlane”, “Rover” or “AntennaTracker”.

Move firmware to the executable directory

Move the executable to the directory from where it is normally started:

sudo cp ArduCopter.elf /~


If you are unable to copy the executable it may be because the destination file is locked because it is already running. Use the following command to stop the running service

systemctl stop apm-copter.service


Autopilot launch configuration is covered in the documentation.