Archived: Building for NAVIO+ on RPi2



ArduPilot no longer supports NAVIO+ on Rpi2.


These instructions clarify how to build ArduPilot for the NAVIO+ board on the NAVIO+’s RPi2 board itself using Waf build system. These instructions assume the RPi2 has already been setup according to the manufacturer’s (i.e. Emlid’s) instructions here.

Alternatively you can follow Emlid’s instructions on how to build from source found here.


Use an ssh terminal program such as Putty to log into the NAVIO+ board’s RPI2.

Clone the source:

git clone --recurse-submodules
cd ardupilot


Waf should always be called from the ardupilot’s root directory.

To keep access to Waf convenient, use the following alias from the root ardupilot directory:

alias waf="$PWD/modules/waf/waf-light"

Choose the board to be used:

waf configure --board=navio


Now you can build arducopter. For quadcopter use the following command:

waf --targets bin/arducopter-quad

To build for other frame types replace quad with one of the following options:

coax heli hexa octa octa-quad single tri y6

In the end of compilation binary file with the name arducopter-quad will be placed in ardupilot/build/navio/bin/ directory.