Archived: Building ArduPilot for APM2.x on MacOS with Arduino



ArduPilot no longer supports Arduino or AVR.


Copter 3.3 firmware (and later) no longer fits on APM boards. The last firmware builds that can be installed (v3.2.1) can be downloaded from here: APM2.x and APM 1.0.

Plane, Rover and AntennaTracker builds can still be installed.

To build the ardupilot source code on MacOS for AVR targets (such as the APM1 or APM2) you have two choices. The first option is to build using a modified version of the Arduino build environment. You can get it from under the Tools directory.

The second choice is to build using the ‘make’ tool on the command line. If using the Arduino tool, then after installing it, you need to do the following:

  • Choose your board type under the ArduPilot menu

  • Set your Sketchbook location under File | Preferences to point at the root of your git checkout of the ardupilot sources

  • Stop and restart Arduino