Airspeed SensorΒΆ

Setting WNDVN_SPEED_TYPE to 1 allows reading the wind speed from the airspeed library. This allows any pitot tube type airspeed sensor to be used. It is important the ARSPD_USE and ARSPD_AUTOCAL parameters are left at zero, they enable features designed for aircraft that will not work with Rover. It may also be desirable to disable start up calibration with ARSPD_SKIP_CAL. If left enabled the airspeed sensor will be zeroed at boot. This recalibration requires the sensor is sheltered from the wind, this may be hard on a sailing craft. Pitot tube airspeed sensors must be pointed directly into the wind, in this case that would require mounting the sensor to the wind vane. Due to this mechanical complexity other methods of sensing wind speed may be more convenient.