HobbyKing Hydrotek

The HobbyKing Hydrotek is a relatively fast electric powerboat with self-righting feature (one pontoon fills with water while the other does not). The rear motor rotates using a steering servo making it a good test of Rover’s vectored thrust feature.

The motor only spins forward and the boat drives best at speeds over 2m/s.

Parts List


Firmware used: Rover-3.3.1

Parameter file: HK-hydrotek-Rover331

This parameter file can also be loaded using the Mission Planner’s Config/Tuning >> Full Parameter Tree page by selecting “HK-hydroteck-Rover331” from the drop down on the middle right and then push the “Load Presaved” button.


The parameter file above includes setting the COMPASS_ORIENT parameter “4” (Yaw 180) because the wiring was more convenient if the GPS arrow was pointin backwards