Thunder Tiger Toyota Hilux

The Thunder Tiger Toyota Hilux is a relatively inexpensive four wheel drive RC car with a top speed of about 1m/s.

One weakness of this frame is the suspension is a bit soft once the frame is loaded up with the required electronics (autopilot, GPS, receiver) which leads to some body role during stops.

Parts List

Mounting the electronics

../_images/reference-frame-tt-toyotahilux.jpg ../_images/reference-frame-tt-toyotahilux-annotated.jpg
  • the Cube autopilot fits easily into front portion of the frame of the vehicle

  • the GPS should be placed away from the motor and battery. In this example it was placed in the rear cargo bed

  • some soldering is required to allow the 2S battery to plug into the power module

  • the Adafruit ESP8266 wifi telemetry board should be connected to the Cube’s Telem1 port

  • the frame apparently includes this WP-1040-Brushed ESC and the “Reverse” jumper should be set as shown below.


Firmware used: Rover-3.4.1

Parameter file: ThunderTiger-ToyotaHilux-Rover

This parameter file can be loaded using the Mission Planner:

  • start the Mission Planner and connect to the autopilot

  • open the Config/Tuning >> Full Parameter Tree page

  • select “ThunderTiger-ToyotaHilux-Rover” from the drop down on the middle right and then push the “Load Presaved” button


The parameter file above includes setting the COMPASS_ORIENT parameter “4” (Yaw 180) because the wiring was more convenient if the GPS arrow was pointing backwards