Choosing Your Rover Hardware

Setting up your Rover requires a collection of various hardware components. This guide is designed to help you understand these essential pieces of equipment, offering both necessary requirements and additional recommendations for optimal performance.

RC Transmitter

The RC (Radio Control) transmitter allows you to manually control your Rover and toggle through its various control modes. You can use any RC transmitter/receiver system, provided it has a minimum of four channels.


While choosing an RC Transmitter, consider the following:

  • Avoid transmitters designed specifically for cars as they come with a steering wheel and throttle trigger which are not conducive for controlling a Rover with different driving modes and additional features.

  • A transmitter with at least two toggle switches is preferred, with one of these having three distinct positions for various controls.

  • For budget-conscious users, the Turnigy 9x ($54) is a well-regarded choice.

  • For those seeking higher quality and more features, consider OpenTX/FrSky systems.

Compatible RC Transmitter and Receiver Systems provides a more extensive list of options.

GPS Receiver

A GPS module is an integral part of your Rover setup. The UBlox GPS + Compass Module is highly recommended due to its combined GPS and compass functionality.

For alternative GPS options, refer to GPS solutions.


Batteries and Charger

Powering your Rover requires reliable batteries and an efficient charger.

  • For a smaller 1/16 or 1/18 scale Rover, a 2S (7.2v) LiPo battery under 2600 mAh, like this one, should suffice.

  • For larger 1/10th scale Rover, this is a good size choice.

  • An easy-to-use LiPo charger such as this one is recommended.

Telemetry Radio

The telemetry radio enables your Rover to communicate with your ground station remotely using the MAVLink protocol. This adds significant capabilities to your Rover, including real-time mission interaction and live data streaming from vehicle-mounted components. Although not compulsory, it is a valuable addition to your Rover setup!


Distance Sensors

If you’re looking to equip your Rover with obstacle avoidance capabilities, Sonar/IR sensors are a great choice. These sensors help the Rover detect and avoid objects in its path, enhancing its autonomous navigation abilities.