Holybro H-RTK F9P GNSS


The Holybro H-RTK F9P GNSS is an multi-band high-precision RTK GPS series by Holybro. This system provides multi-band RTK with fast convergence times and reliable performance, concurrent reception of GPS, GLONASS, Galileo and BeiDou, and fast update rate for highly dynamic and high volume applications with centimeter-accuracy. It uses a UBLOX F9P module, an IST8310 compass, and a tri-colored NTF LED indicator. It also has a integrated safety switch for simple and convenient operation.

Using RTK allows ArduPilot to get its position with centimeter-level accuracy, which is much more accurate than can be provided by a normal GPS.

There are three models of Holybro H-RTK F9P to choose from, each with different antenna design to meet different needs:


Pin Map


Wiring and Connections

All H-RTK GNSS models come with a GH 10-pin connector/cable that is compatible with the Pixhawk family and many other autopilots.


The cables/connectors may be modified to connect to other autopilot boards, using the Pin Map information provided above.

For Pixhawk Cube 2.1 variant that does not come with a 10-way GPS port and hence requires connector re-termination, note that the RX port on the GPS module should feed into the port labelled GPS_RX (TX of autopilot board) on the autopilot board. Also, the GPS1 port is 8-way only, which can be circumvented by leaving 3v3 and buzzer lines out.


For normal operation, ArduPilot’s GPS parameter defaults will work for any serial port configured for SERIALx_PROTOCOL = 5.


ArduPilot does not currently configure UBlox F9P GPS constellations. User must assure that the GPS is properly configured for his region and application. See U-Blox F9P Firmware Update

If you are unable to preform a normal compass calibration (“compass dance”) for any reason, then set parameter COMPASS_ORIENT=6 (Yaw270) for proper compass orientation.

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