U-Blox F9P Firmware Update

The U-Blox F9 GPS is an L1/L2 RTK GPS that can provide high accuracy positioning and can also be used for GPS-for-Yaw. This documents how to upgrade the firmware on the GPS.

Firmware Upgrade Procedure

  • Download u-center from u-blox.com and install on your PC (Windows only)

  • Open the u-Blox ZED-F9P website

  • Scroll down and click on the “Documentation & resources” button

  • Scroll down to the “Firmware Update” section and download the latest firmware (“ZED-F9P HPG 1.13 firmware” as of Oct 2020)

  • Connect the GPS to your PC using a USB cable

  • Open u-center, select the COM port and connect

  • Check the GPS’s current firmware version by selecting View, Messages View, UBX, MON, VER

  • If the version is lower than the latest (especially if lower than 1.13) then upgrade the firmware

    • Select Tools, Firmware Update

    • The Firmware image field should be the .bin file downloaded above

    • Check the “Use this baudrate for update” checkbox and select 115200 from the drop-down

    • Ensure the other checkboxes are as shown below

    • Push the green GO button on the bottom left

    • “Firmware Update SUCCESS” should be displayed if the update was successful


Configure Satellite Constellations

ArduPilot does not automatically configure the F9’s enabled constellations so this should be set manually using u-center as shown below