Tuning Waypoint Turn Speed (ver 3.1 and older)

ARCHIVED .. note:

These instructions are relevant for Rover-3.1 and older.
For newer versions of the Rover firmware please refer to the :ref:`navigation tuning guide <rover-tuning-navigation>`.

The SPEED_TURN parameters are used to set the percentage reduction in throttle when turning around a waypoint and the distance before a target when the Rover will start to slow down.

The two parameters are listed below:


    • Range 0-100 Units: percent Increment 1 (50)

    • The percentage to reduce the throttle while turning. If this is 100% then the target speed is not reduced while turning. If this is 50% then the target speed is reduced in proportion to the turn rate, with a reduction of 50% when the steering is maximally deflected.


    • Range 0-100 Units: meters Increment .1 (50)

    • The distance to the next turn at which the rover reduces its target speed by the SPEED_TURN_GAIN. |

The parameters are set in the Mission Planner CONFIG/TUNING | Basic Tuning page:


Mission Planner: Rover BasicTuning


All parameters may be adjusted in the “Advanced Parameter List” in Mission Planner). All the Rover user settable parameters are listed in Rover Parameters.