ArduSimple provides a number of UBlox F9P based GNSS receivers that support RTK and GPS-for-Yaw. Using RTK allows ArduPilot with centimeter level accuracy which is much more accurate than a normal GPS.

The simpleRTK2B system has two receiver modules which plug together and the simpleRTK3b is a single integrated unit.

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Pin Map

The system is connected to the autopilot via one of its UARTs.

The JST-GH connector is following the Pixhawk standard:

  • 1: 5V_IN

  • 2: ZED-F9P UART1 RX (3.3V level)

  • 3: ZED-F9P UART1 TX (3.3V level)

  • 4,5: Not connected

  • 6: GND

Please note that the board only includes GPS and doesn’t include compass.


Wiring and Connections

All ArduSimple GNSS models come with a JST GH 6-pin connector/cable that is compatible with the Pixhawk family and many other autopilots.


The cables/connectors may be modified to connect to other autopilot boards, using the Pin Map information provided above.


For normal GPS only operation, ArduPilot’s GPS parameter defaults will work for any serial port configured for SERIALx_PROTOCOL = 5.

For GPS-for-Yaw, please refer to GPS-for-Yaw, but ArduSimple provides detailed setup guides for each system on their website:

simpleRTK2B instructions

simpleRTK3B instructions


ArduPilot does not currently configure UBlox F9P GPS constellations. User must assure that the GPS is properly configured for his region and application. See U-Blox F9P Firmware Update