CUAV Nora Overview


Nora ® is an advanced autopilot independently designed by CUAV ®. It uses a higher-performance STM32H7 processor and integrates industrial-grade sensors and ultra-low temperature drift sensors. Compared with previous autopilots, it has better performance and more reliability. Nora is ideal for academic research and commercial systems integration.

Other characteristics

  • Internal shock absorption

  • Ports on the sides

  • Supports High Speed USB (480mb/s), can download logs faster

  • Supports more DShot outputs

  • Supports IMU temperature control, making the sensor more consistent

  • Dedicated DroneCAN battery port

  • 3 sets of IMU sensors


  • Processor

    • 32-bit STM32H743 main processor

    • 480Mhz / 1MB RAM / 2MB Flash

  • Sensors

    • InvenSense ICM20689 accelerometer / gyroscope

    • InvenSense ICM20649 accelerometer / gyroscope

    • Bosch BMI088 accelerometer / gyroscope

    • 2 MS5611 barometer

    • RM3100 Industrial grade magnetometer

  • Power

    • Operating voltage: 4.3~5.4V

    • USB Input: 4.75~5.25V

    • High-voltage capable servo rail, up to 36V (servo rail does not power the autopilot)

    • Dual voltage and current monitor inputs

    • Nora can have triple redundant power (If 3 power sources are provided) to both battery monitor inputs and the USB port

  • Interfaces

    • 14 PWM servo outputs (12 support DShot)

    • Analog/ PWM RSSI input

    • 2 GPS ports (GPS and UART4 ports)

    • 4 I2C buses (Two I2C dedicated ports)

    • 2 CAN bus ports

    • 2 Power ports (Power A is an ADC interface, Power C is a DroneCAN battery interface)

    • 2 ADC input ports

    • 2 USB ports (Type C and JST-GH1.25)

  • Other

    • Weight: 75g

    • Size: 46mm x 64mm x 22mm

    • Operating temperature: -20 ~ 80°C (Measured value)

Default UART Order

  • SERIAL0 = console = USB

  • SERIAL1 = Telemetry1 = USART2 (TELEM1)

  • SERIAL2 = Telemetry2 = USART6 (TELEM2)


  • SERIAL4 = GPS2 = UART4 (UART4)




Serial protocols can be adjusted to personal preferences.

DShot Capability

All motor/servo outputs are DShot and PWM capable. However, mixing DShot and normal PWM operation for outputs is restricted into groups, ie. enabling DShot for an output in a group requires that ALL outputs in that group be configured and used as DShot, rather than PWM outputs. The output groups that must be the same (PWM rate or DShot, when configured as a normal servo/motor output) are: 1-4, 5-8,and 9-12. Outputs 13 and 14 are not DShot capable.

Battery Monitor

The autopilot includes a DroneCAN power module and battery monitor, CUAV CAN/DroneCAN Power Module. Connect to one of the CAN ports and it is already pre-configured for use.

Where to Buy

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