CUAV V5 Plus Overview


The CUAV v5 Plus is an advanced STM32F765 autopilot designed and made by CUAV. It is a variant of the CUAV V5, updated to use Pixhawk standard pinouts. The modular design allows the users to customize their own carrier board. The Carrier Board design reference is here


  • Processor
    • 32-bit ARM Cortex M7 core with DPFPU
    • 216 Mhz/512 KB RAM/2 MB Flash
    • 32 bit IOMCU co-processor
  • Sensors
    • InvenSense ICM20689 accelerometer / gyroscope
    • InvenSense ICM20602 : accelerometer / gyroscope
    • Bosch BMI055 accelerometer / gyroscope
    • MS5611 barometer
    • IST8310 magnetometer
  • Power
    • Operating power: 4.3~5.4V
    • USB Input: 4.75~5.25V
    • High-power servo rail, up to 36V (servo rail does not power the autopilot)
    • Dual voltage and current monitor inputs
    • CUAV v5 Plus can be triple redundant if power is provided to both battery monitor inputs and the USB port
  • Interfaces
    • 8 - 14 PWM servo outputs (6 IOMCU, 8 FMU)
    • 3 dedicated PWM/Capture inputs on FMU
    • S.Bus servo output
    • PPM connector supports only PPM
    • SBUS/DSM/RSSI connector supports all RC protocols (including SBUS, DSM, ST24, SRXL and PPM)
    • Analog / PWM RSSI input
    • 5x general purpose serial ports
    • 4x I2C ports
    • 4x SPI bus
    • 2x CAN Bus ports
    • 2x analog battery monitor ports
  • Other
  • Weight: 90g
  • Dimensions: 85.5mm x 42mm x 33mm
  • Operating temperature: -20 ~ 80°c(Measured value)

Where to Buy

Order from here. Official retailers are listed here.

Quick Start


PPM/RCIN input only supports PPM, Use side port for SBUS and other serial digital protocols.

Main Interface Function
Power 1 Primary power module. Autopilot power, V & I monitor
Power 2 Secondary power module. I2C Smart Battery capable
ADC 2 x ADC, ie second V & I monitor. Does not provide power
TF Card Insert SD card for log file and terrain data storage
M1 - M6 Main Outputs. Servo/motor capable
A1 - A8 Additional Outputs. Servo/motor/D-Shot capable
DSU7 Serial 6 (uart7)
I2C1/I2C2 External I2C (Compass / rangefinder etc)
USB C USB for setup / firmware upload
SBUS Out SBUS output for peripherals: gimbal / camera etc
GPS & SAFETY CUAV NEO v2 GPS with compass, safety switch, LED, buzzer
TELEM1 / TELEM2 Serial ports (telemetry, peripherals, companion computer)
../_images/v5plus_quickstart_01.png ../_images/v5plus_quickstart_02.png ../_images/v5plus_quickstart_03.png

More Information

CUAV V5 Plus PDF Manual here


More Images

Image gallery can be found here