TauLabs Sparky2


above image and some content courtesy of the TauLabs wiki


Support for the TauLabs Sparky2 is available with Copter-3.6.0 (and higher)


Due to flash memory limitations, this board does not include all ArduPilot features. See Firmware Limitations for details.


  • Processor

    • STM32F405 ARM Cortex-M4 microcontroller

    • 168 Mhz/1 MB Flash

    • 32-bit failsafe co-processor

  • Sensors

    • InvenSense MPU9250 IMU (accel, gyro, compass)

    • MS5611 barometers

    • Dataflash for logging

  • Power

    • 4.8V ~ 10V input power provided through ESC connection

  • Interfaces

    • 6x PWM outputs (+4 more on LED port)

    • 1x RC input PWM/PPM

    • 2x analog to digital inputs for battery voltage and current monitoring

    • 1x serial input for GPS

    • 1x I2C port for external compass

    • 1x CAN bus

    • MMCX antenna connector for integrated radio

    • USB port

    • SWD Port for flashing and debugging

Where to Buy

  • Available from many retailers including HobbyKing



  • first flight of ArduPilot on Sparky2*

  • 2nd flight using PosHold, RTL*