MAVProxy has a number of internal settings, which can be used to change the behaviour of MAVProxy.

The settings take the following form in the MAVProxy environment:

set <settingname> <value>

If a <value> is not specified, MAVProxy will output the current value of the setting.

The current settings in MAVProxy are:

Setting Description Value Range
link Primary Link number -1 to 4
streamrate Data stream rate on link 1 -1 to 100
streamrate2 Data stream rate on link 2 -1 to 100
heartbeat GCS to UAV hearbeat rate (Hz) 1 to 5
mavfwd Allow control from –out clients True or False
mavfwd_rate Allow –out clients to control streamrate True or False
shownoise Show any malformed or bad data True or False
baudrate Baudrate for any –out serial links 0 to 10000000
rtscts Enable flow control for serial links True or False
select_timeout Timeout (sec) when trying to read packets <any float>
altreadout Readout altitude 0 to 100
distreadout Distance readout 0 to 10000
moddebug Debug verbosity 0 to 3
compdebug Computation debug mask 0 to 4
flushlogs Flush (write) logfile on every packet True or False
requireexit Require exit command to exit MAVProxy True or False
wpupdates Announce waypoint updates True or False
basealt Base altitude (AGL offset) 0 to 30000
wpalt Default waypoint altitude (m) 0 to 10000
rallyalt Default rally point altitude (m) 0 to 10000
terrainalt Use terrain altitude in waypoints True, False, Auto
rally_breakalt Default rally point break altitude (m) 0 to 10000
rally_flags Default rally flags 0 to 10000
source_system MAVLink Source system 0 to 255
source_component MAVLink Source component 0 to 255
target_system MAVLink Target system 0 to 255
target_component MAVLink Target component 0 to 255
state_basedir Base directory for logfiles <string>
allow_unsigned Accept unsigned packets True or False
dist_unit Distance unit m, nm, miles
height_unit Height unit m, feet
speed_unit Speed unit m/s, knots, mph
vehicle_name Vehicle name in MAVProxy prompt <string>