The following section provides a couple of common usage scenarios for MAVProxy.

Quadcopter over a standard (57600 kbps) radio link on a serial port. MAVProxy will auto-detect the correct serial port. The quadcopter is called “Quaddy”. The GUI console, map and text-to-speech are also enabled:

mavproxy.py --baud=57600 --aircraft="Quaddy" --speech --console --map --quadcopter

Run MAVProxy in daemon mode, taking in a radio link (COM17 at 9600 kbps) and outputting it to the local network. This allows a single instance of MAVProxy to distribute the telemetry stream to multiple clients:

mavproxy.py --master=COM17,9600 --out=udpin: --daemon

And for each client (where xxx.xxx.xxx.xxx is the daemon’s IP address):

mavproxy.py –-master=udpout:xxx.xxx.xxx.xxx:14550

Use multiple radio links (one serial, one network) to the remote vehicle. This is useful for situations where a backup radio link is required:

mavproxy.py --master=\dev\ttyUSB0,57600 --master=udpin: