MAVProxy CheatsheetΒΆ

The following table is intended as a printable quick reference to commonly used MAVProxy commands.



rc N PWM

set RC channel N override to PWM (PMW =0 disables override)

link list

List all links

link set N

Set link N to primary

link add X

Add new link

link remove N

Remove link

wp list

Download and show waypoints

fence list

Download and show geofence

fence enable

Enable geofence

fence disable

Disable geofence

arm throttle

Arm vehicle


Disarm vehicle

disarm force

Force vehicle disarm (heli)


Engage auto mode

wp set N

Set current auto waypoint to N

setspeed N

Override auto speed to N m/s

param show X

Show current value of parameter X

param set X N

Set parameter X to value N

param download

Download parameter definitions from ArduPilot website

param help X

Display definition of parameter X

mode loiter

Engage loiter mode

mode rtl

Engage rtl mode

mode manual

Engage manual mode

mode guided LAT LON ALT

Engage guided mode and move to specified location

relay set N [0|1]

Set relay N to open or closed

servo set N PWM

Override servo N to PWM value

terrain check LAT LON

Get terrain height at specified location


Formats SD card