Frequently Asked Questions and Issues

  1. I have random “noise” displaying on the console, showing as corrupted text. How do I remove it?

    MAVProxy will, by default, show corrupted packets. To disable showing them, use set shownoise false in the MAVProxy console.

  2. How do I get MAVProxy to execute specific commands on startup?

    Put the commands in mavinit.scr as per here.

  3. Which Flight controllers are compatible with MAVProxy?

    The APM branches (APM:Plane, APM:Copter, APM:Rover) are fully compatible. Other Mavlink-based flight controllers (such as the PX4 stack) should be compatible, but may show all flight data.

  4. How do I output a TCP connection to another GCS program?

    To output a TCP link from MAVProxy to a GCS program (ie. Mission Planner), use the --out=tcpin:<port> commandline option. This will tell MAVProxy to wait for a TCP connection on the specified port. In the other GCS program, configure it to point to the IP address of the device MAVProxy is running on and the port <port>.

  5. How do I disable other GCS sub-clients (from --out) from sending commands to the flight controller?

    The ability to foward commands sent by other sub-clients is enabled by default. It can be disabled by typing set mavfwd false