Job Openings in Dev Team

ArduPilot is looking for new team members to fill the following vacant positions. These are mostly unpaid positions but the successful application can look forward to becoming a core member of the team with excellent learning opportunities through extensive access to all the other core developers.

In general the best way to take on these positions is to make contact with a member of the dev team (i.e. Tridge, Randy, etc) to express your desire to take on the position then contribute to the code/wiki in line with the responsibilities for the role written below. If all goes well, after some period of successful contribution you can look forward to officially taking on the title.

Wiki Maintainer

This position involves keeping the vehicle and developer wikis updated to match the latest features released with each new version of ArduPilot.

Some level of funding is possible for this position although it may not match the effort required!

Antenna Tracker maintainer / release manager

Very similar to the TradHeli maintainer role this position includes taking responsibility for:

  • reviewing and deciding if tracker specific code changes should be accepted to master
  • acting as the point person for issues. This does not mean that you must answer all tracker support issues.
  • ensuring proper testing has been completed before each release
  • release new versions to the community (see here to learn how it’s done for Copter)