Traditional Helicopter Aerobatic Setup

Aerobatic operation is possible in ACRO mode. However, the normal collective pitch setup of -2° to +12° will not allow inverted maneuvers. If desired, the H_COL_MAX and H_COL_MIN values cam be setup for -10°or 12° to +10° or +12°. Hover upright will now be between center and high stick and inverted hover between center and low stick.

However, if the extremes of -12° to +12° were setup for full aerobatic operation in Acro Mode, the defaults for IM_STB_COL_x would yield:

Throttle Stick








This will cause extreme frame stress if spooled up at low stick in STABILIZE and will have a jump if hovering in STABILIZE or ACRO and switching to another mode. The STABILIZE curve can be modified using

to provide a similar curve in STABILIZE to that of the narrower(-2° to +12°) collective range and allowing spool up at low stick and no jumps from STABILIZE to other modes. But ACRO will still cause a hover jump if switched to another mode, so be prepared.