Traditional Helicopter Parameter List at a Glance

This list is provided as a quick means to explore all the unique Single and Dual Rotor Helicopter parameters at a glance. To see the parameter description, click on it.

Vehicle Type/Configuration

These are basic setup parameters that need to be set in all cases.

General Swashplate/Collective Setup

These set the cyclic max, allow bench testing of blade angle set up, and set features of the swashplate/collective.

Single Swashplate/Collective Setup

These set up the configuration of the swashplate and collective travel.

Dual Rotor Helicopter

If Dual Heli frame type is selected, these additional parameters for the second rotor and rotor interactions are enabled and visible.

Custom Swashplate Configuration

ArduPilot allows custom swashplate servo placement for three servo swashplates. These parameters are active if H_SW_TYPE = 0 (single heli):

and if H_SW2_TYPE = 0 (dual helis only):

Rotor Speed Control Setup

The speed of the rotor, or rotors in the case of Dual Heli, is controlled by ArduPilot using the following RSC modes: RSC channel passthrough (not recommended), external governor, internal throttle curve, or internal governor. Parameters are provided for rotor spool time, throttle slew rate, and critical rotor speed. The internal throttle curve and governor are mainly for use with ICE or turbine engines but can be used for electric-powered helis without ESC governing.

External Governor

Parameter for an external rotor speed governor like an ESC governor, if used.

Internal Throttle Curve

Parameters for internal throttle curve, if used.

ArduPilot Provided Rotor Speed Governor

Parameters for internal rotor speed governor, if used. The transmitter’s throttle curve will need to be set up to use this mode. See the Setup section of Internal RSC Governor.

Tail Setup

The type of tail rotor/control used is determined by these parameters.

External Tail Gyro

Parameters are provided for external tail gyro, if used.