Archived: PDF Guides

The following links provide PDF file downloads which can be printed and used as guides and checklists. These cover installing and using the APM2 or PX4 in Multicopters.

We would greatly appreciate any feedback on these printable guides. Please report any errors, or omissions as well as your ideas for additional topics or other thoughts on the APM Forum Linked from the bottom of this page.

  • APM2_Quad_Setup_3 - Guide for the Installation and Setup of the APM2 in a Quadcopter.

  • APM2_Flamewheel_Quad_Setup1 - Supplemental Guide For Setting up a DJI Flamewheel F450 Quadcopter with the APM2.

  • APM2_Quad_Stabilize_1 - Guide for flying a Quadcopter in Stabilize mode and for initial PID adjustment.

  • APM2_Quad_AltHold_Loiter_1 - Guide for flying a Quadcopter in Altitude Hold, Loiter and Position modes and for initial PID adjustment.

  • APM2_PID_MAP_4 - Table of PID assignments for the PID, Configuration and Parameters Lists in the Mission Planner as of 9/1/2012 for Copter Release 2.7.2.