Archived:Edge Quick Start

This quickstart tutorial will guide you through the initial setup of Edge drone controller and its accessories. In the end you’ll get a configured Edge drone controller that streams video from a camera to your laptop. After that you can proceed to the hardware installation guide and install your Edge in a frame.


Please update Edge to the latest firmware before continuing.


If you encounter any issues performing these steps, we are happy to help you out on our community forum .

Connect Edge GNSS module

Edge GNSS module is a positioning device that contains a GNSS receiver, a high-precision barometer and two 3-axis compasses.

To connect Edge GNSS module to Edge use a JST-GH-4P to JST-GH-4P cable.
  • Connect one end of the cable to any of the CAN ports on Edge GNSS module

  • Connect another end of the cable to any of the CAN ports of Edge drone controller


Connect video camera

Camera should be connected to the HDMI-IN port on Edge. In case you are connecting an action camera then most likely it will have Micro-HDMI connector as well. In that case you would need Micro-HDMI to Micro-HDMI cable to connect the camera to the Edge.



Turn off the camera’s internal WiFi, otherwise it may interfere with RC equipment or Wi-Fi modules


Turn the camera on after Edge is booted.


Resolution and frame per second value of the input stream may vary. Maximum supported video format is 1080p 30fps.

Connect Wi-Fi modules

Edge kit comes with two identical long-range Wi-Fi modules in separate boxes. Use one to connect to the Edge drone controller and another one to connect to a computer (assuming a laptop for rest of the guide).

Connect Wi-Fi module to Edge


To connect Wi-Fi module to the Edge use a Micro-USB to JSH-GH-4P cable from the kit.

  • Plug JST-GH-4P connector into Edge port labeled USB2

  • Plug Micro-USB connector into Micro-USB port of the Wi-Fi module

Connect Wi-Fi module to a computer


We need to connect another Wi-Fi module to the laptop. In order to do that you need to perform two simple steps

Use Alfa’s Micro-USB-3.0 to USB-3.0 cable from the Wi-Fi module box

  • Connect Micro-USB-3.0 one end of the cable to the Wi-Fi module

  • Connect the other end to the USB port of your laptop/desktop computer

Software installation

Now we need to install the driver for the Wi-Fi module. The instructions depend on your OS. Please, proceed to the for the detailed instructions.

Power from a battery

Now you can turn on your Edge using the Edge Power Module (PM).

Connect JST-GH-6P connector to any power port on Edge (PWR1 or PWR2).


And after that connect a battery to your PM.


Connect to Edge’s access point

After powering up Edge needs some time to create an access point (AP). Connect to Edge’s AP (edge) with password: EmlidEdge (since 1.2 the password will be emlidedge).


Most laptops have a built-in Wi-Fi module. You need to connect to Edge using specifically the external Wi-Fi module provided with Edge.



To avoid interference from the internal Wi-Fi we recommend disabling it.


Be sure you connect to AP using the external Wi-Fi module, not the built-in Wi-Fi module of your laptop After the connection succeeded you can run the QGC.

Configuring QGroundControl for Edge

Detailed instructions are available here.