Camera Triggering using Seagull MAP-X2


The Seagull MAP-X2 is a precision camera shutter trigger and logger. It can be connected to Pixhawk or other ArduPilot compatible autopilot in order to automate camera shutter triggering and log the precise co-ordinates of each photo for geotagging purposes.

The current list of compatible cameras can be found on Seagull Cable Finder.

Seagull MAP-X2 utilizes event based logging for extra precision if used with the Seagull SYNC2 Hot Shoe Adapter

The board supports 4 shutter trigger modes:

  • ACT (“AutoCustomTrigger”) : user is able to define required focus time and then trigger

  • PWM : fully customisable PWM trigger for cameras that utilze PWM triggering

  • SST : read event signal then trigger

  • Timelapse : user defined interval triggering

Seagull MAP-X2 also supports “Camera ON/OFF” - which is exclusive to Sony MULTI cameras.

More detailed instructions on how to setup MAP-X2 are provided in the Seagull MAP-X2 Manual as well as Seagull MAP-X2 Support page.