Daiwa Winch


The Daiwa winch is a high quality winch specially designed for drone delivery. The winch includes a “thread end detector switch” that protects against pulling the line in too tightly and thus straining the device or breaking the thread. The gripper includes a spring mechanism that automatically releases the package when it touches the ground.

  • Weight: 630g
  • Size: W:110mm H:82mm D:72mm
  • Maximum Payload: 8kg
  • Maximum Power: 55W
  • Input Voltage: 7.2V ~ 22.2V
  • Interface: 4xPWM or UART
  • Designed and manufactured in Japan


ArduPilot does not yet include a special driver for this winch but it can be controlled using the autopilot’s servo outputs which allows the winch to be operated from the pilot’s transmitter and/or DO_SET_SERVO mission commands

Where To Buy

Connection and Configuration

Connect the winch to the autopilot as shown below

  • A 5V BEC is required to provide power to the electronics within the winch

  • A 7.2V to 22.2V power supply is required to power the motors

  • Four separate 3-pin RC connectors can be used to control the winch. Each has a different colour of cable tie on it

    • Winch control (which controls the upward or downward speed of the winch) has a red cable tie and can be connected to AuxOut 10 or any other PWM output
    • Clutch (which prevents the cable slipping) has a yellow cable tie and can be connected to AuxOut 9 or any other PWM output
    • Zero Reset (used to calibrate the winch’s estimate of how much line remains) has a green cable tie and can be left disconnected
    • SBUS2 has a blue cable tie and can be left disconnected